Posted by Boomer on 4/28/2017 1:13:56 PM

The Moron of the Week! It didn't end well.

Posted by Boomer on 4/28/2017 1:08:35 PM

This gym is offering Napercise!

Posted by Boomer on 4/27/2017 2:18:19 PM

Today on the Wacky World, the mom who didn't believe she had the wrong number.

Posted by Andy & Nichole on 4/27/2017 10:44:18 AM

A&N Podcast: 4/27 Caught With Your Pants Down, Boogers Are Good For You, and Andy's New Best Friends

Posted by Boomer on 4/26/2017 1:57:59 PM

I'm pretty sure I would not want to live here.

Posted by Boomer on 4/25/2017 1:41:48 PM

She just kept playing with her phone during her operation.
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