A&N Podcast: 2/22 Andy's Flirting Tips, Fruits Mating, and Found It On The Potty

The last beautiful day of the week?  Can this winter last until April?

* Uncle Andy's Flirting Tips
* Is a Cutie & Halo the same thing? Are they oranges?
* Weird Fruit Hybrids 
* Can you eat candy you found on a public toilet? Andy wants to know...
* Nichole is putting Henry in swim lessons & she's super nervous 
* Big Deal or NOT A Big Deal - Nasa & Pluto 
* Nichole called Andy from the side of the road this morning
* Lotto Jackpot should be banned in certain states
* Nichole fixes baseball
* Cultural Superstitions 
* Headline News
* Nichole Hollywood Flirty on the Thirty 


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