14 Back-to-School Items and Deals

Summer is flying by. It’s going by so quickly that soon your children’s carefree summer will be over, and they’ll be back to the world of teachers and books.


With the school year approaching, that means it’s also time to start back to school shopping—oh, the dread and horror.


This an expensive time of the year. In fact, a family with school-aged children on average spends $630 on school supplies. To save money, you’ll end up spending a lot of time trying to find the lowest prices, while also dealing with upset children, who only want the priciest items.


However, before the thought of having to spend hours shopping for the best deals and complaining kids gets you down, check out these great back-to-school deals on items your kids might actually like!



Does your kid seem to go through a pencil a day? No problem! For only $16 you can buy almost enough pencils for your kid to have a new one each school day. That way, at parent teacher conferences you won’t have to hear about how your son or daughter never has a writing utensil.


Pencil Sharpener



Classroom pencil sharpeners are loud and annoying. The electric sharpeners make a screeching noise, while the sharpeners that are mounted to the wall make a crunch with every turn. Either way, every time a student gets up to use one, they upset their teacher and other students. Do your kid a favor and get them a quiet handheld sharpener. You can get one for just over $5.




Assorted Colored Binders



These hard covered organizational tools are sturdy enough to last multiple school years. However, they never do. They’re either destroyed quickly or thrown out at the end of the year. Either way, there’s no need to spend much on them. Check out these colorful binders for less than $4.

Disinfectant Wipes



A school is full of germs—from desks to playground equipment. If preventative measures aren’t taken, then your kids are much more likely to come home sick. That’s why it’s important to make sure you always have disinfectant wipes handy. Here’s a good deal for three containers. Hopefully, with over 300 wipes you’ll at least be able to get through the semester.





Notebooks vary in price significantly, but half the time they go unused or get lost, so it’s important to find a good deal when buying them. Rather than spending your precious time looking for the best deal, why not check out these Mead notebooks. They’re a well-known brand and it’s hard to beat four for a little over $7. This way you’ll have more time to watch the movie The Notebook as opposed to wasting time looking for one.




If you’re lucky, your kids have kept their old backpack in good enough condition that they can reuse it. However, if you’re one of the many parents whose children need a new backpack every year, look no further than this one from Hitop. It works for either a boy or a girl, it’s dependable, waterproof, and has pockets for their laptop. Better yet, it’s only $25.




One of the most annoying items to buy at the beginning of each school year is tissue paper for your kid’s classroom. It’s an item other students could very well use way more than your own. Nevertheless, it’s something you must buy, so rather than pick up several overpriced boxes one at a time, why not save some money and buy them in bulk?

Old Navy for Back to School Clothes



The average parent spends $179 on clothing for each of their children at the end of each summer, making it the most expensive aspect of back-to-school shopping. Because this has become such a major market, it’s important to be able to find good deals on clothing your kids won’t be embarrassed wear. Look no further than Old Navy, where you can get stylish dresses for $20 and t-shirts for way less.

Target Brand Washable Markers



Markers are a must have, even for some high school students. However, they often dry out because their caps are left off or get lost. So why spend money on the more expensive name brand makers when the cheaper ones will do? Check out these, which cost just under $3.

Calculator (Graphing)



Graphing calculators may be able to do a lot more than help students subtract, but that’s about all it will do to the money in your bank account. Some will cost well over $100. That’s why it’s best to shop around based on cost, as well as the capabilities your kid needs it to have. Target has several, which widely range in price.


$13 Texas Instrument Scientific Calculator



If you don’t have to buy a graphing calculator, chances are division and multiplication will be the most advanced function your kid needs it for. Texas Instruments creates many sturdy scientific calculators, but why not go for the one that only costs $13?

Cheap, Colorful Rulers



Despite what history and cartoons tell us, the ruler is not a weapon. Instead, it’s a handy classroom tool that helps students measure items and draw straight lines. These are another classroom object that seems to get lost easily, so do yourself a favor and get this four pack. That way, when one goes missing it can be quickly replaced.

Elements of Style



One of the best books on grammar is William Strunk’s Elements of Style. It focuses on teaching students what’s most important when it comes to using the English language, while also not overwhelming them since the book can fit their pocket. Because it’s such an impactful book, you’d think it would cost more than its $5 price tag. Let’s just hope that buying it for them doesn’t turn them into the grammar police.


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